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Trump’s campaign website temporarily seized by hackers
US SUPREME COURT; Barrett confirmed to US Supreme Court in Trump pre-election triumph
Woman's lip bitten off by fellow woman for failing to repay loan in Malawi
US ELECTIONS; Early US voting surpasses 2016, 9 days before election-AFP
CATHOLIC CHURCH; Filipino bishops defend Pope over same-sex civil unions
US ELECTIONS; Trump launches intensified campaign push, Biden hammers him on COVID
Former NFL player sentenced to 15 years to life for raping a disabled woman
COVID-19; India to roll out quick and cheap coronavirus paper test
COVID-19; Spain becomes first EU nation with 1 million virus cases
US ELECTIONS; Trump, Biden to face off in final presidential debate
China warns Swedish firms of tit-for-tat action after Huawei ban
Man Is Accused of Following Ex and Killing Her as She Rode in Truck with Current Boyfriend in Texas
Ugandan gospel singer turns lesbian, marries fellow woman after her ex-husband remarried
Canada expresses concern for human rights violation in Nigeria, says those responsible must be held accountable
Two students were paid to identify slain French teacher, authorities say--The Hill Reports
Pope Francis supports same-sex civil unions
 US ELECTIONS; Protesters ready in case Trump refuses to accept election result