Olumba Olumba Obu speaks on EndSARS protests, tasks Nigerian government on good governance

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Olumba Olumba Obu speaks on EndSARS protests, tasks Nigerian government on good governance

The founder and leader of the Brotherhood of Star and Cross (BCS), Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has tasked the Federal Government on good governance and attributed the lack of it to the recent #Endsars mass protests across the countryNAN

Represented by the BCS Director of Evangelism, Professor David Irefin in Abuja during the international conference of the church tagged: “Transforming a Misguided World into Peace and Justice.” on Saturday, the Leader urged the government and religious leadership to address the issue of injustice.

The one-day conference weighed on challenges of #EndSARS protest, Covid-19, political violence, insecurity, among others.

He said the absence of good governance, care for the less-privileged and the needy in the society promoted the recent mass protests.

“Governments of nations and religious organizations are currently experiencing inherent social discrimination, hatred, nepotism, violence and protests,” he said.

“Many and more members of the human family are losing faith in the political systems and religious beliefs.

“The impact of Covid-19 on health and economy of the world are making many to lose faith in science.

“In fact, covid-19 appears to signal failure of science and technology, the human family is at a crossroad.

“In the absence of care and love for the widows, poor, the needy, oppressed, the unemployed and the masses by the ruling class, Nigeria witnessed the #Endsars protests across the country.

“#Endsars and other problems plaguing Nigeria can only be solved by good governance.

“There is no amount of meetings, conferences and peace committees by man that will bring about the needed peace and justice on earth.

It is not ordained by Father God that man would solve man’s problems but rather God himself,” he added.

A speaker at the event, Iyke Uzorma, a professor of Christian Education at St Thomas-a-Backet University, Canterbury, England, corroborated the cleric's position in his paper.

Uzorma called for peace through justice, adding that all human religions talk of peace and love, hence the need to apply such to solve societal challenges.

“It is much easier to destroy than to build. Justice is absolutely necessary to govern human society.

“Since all religions talk about peace and love, we all have a collective role to play in applying such to achieve the utmost goal for the society,” he said.

In his own paper, Yahaya Oyewole, a professor and the Deputy Imam, University of Ilorin, said Islam as a religion preaches religious harmony and love as bedrocks of societal development.

He said, “Islam hates violence and upholds unity, justice and promotion of peaceful co-existence with others for any society to achieve development.”


The #EndSARS protests began amid calls for Nigeria’s government to close the police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, known as SARS and much wider demand for better governance in Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s government agreed to disband the SARS unit, but the protests continued with participants demanding sweeping reforms of police and action against corruption.

A judicial panel has begun investigating the shooting. The panel is also investigating allegations of abuse against the police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, known as SARS.

Last week a Court in the Federal Capital Abuja asked the Police to investigate 50 people mostly top Nigerian celebrities accused of having links to the #EndSARS protests

A court has also frozen the accounts of 19 individuals and a public affairs company linked to the protests.

Although the protests were largely peaceful, at least 56 people have died across the country since the protests began, according to Amnesty, which accused security forces of using unnecessary force.


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