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Musician Sentenced to Death in Kano For Blasphemy has Been Denied access to a Lawyer, chained in underground Cell at Kano Prison.

                        SERAP, Lawyers Demand Reversal Of Death Sentence On Musician ...

Recent reports revealed that Sharif Aminu, a 22-year-old musician who was condemned to death by hanging in kano, for blasphemy has been isolated and kept in the underground cell at Kano prison.

He has been denied access to a lawyer and cannot also communicate with visitors and even with his family.

This again has induced a lot of objections from concerned Nigerians. Several Nigerians, including a renowned pastor, Johnson Suleman have come out beforehand to stand against the judgement of the Upper Sharia Court in Kano.

The Socio-Economic Rights And Accountability Project asked the Nigerian Government to immediately nullify the death sentence, saying it “amounts to violation of the right to freedom of expression”

Yahaya Sharif Aminu has 30 days to appeal the judgement.

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